Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wishing to be a journalist

I wish I was a journalist.  In particular, I wish I was a political journalist, covering today's most important events.  OR, I wish I was a sports journalist, they probably get great tickets to all the biggest events.  OR, even better, I wish I was a Tour de France journalist, this is the event I would most want to cover. 

Unfortunately, I cannot write.  I do not have good grammer and I cannot spell worth a darn (thank you Spell Check), but if you've read this blog this far, you've probably figured this out already.  My problem is this - I have a lot to say.  I have so much to say in fact, that I can't get it out at home.  I decided I should teach a law class as an adjunct instructor so that I had more talk time.  Apparently that wasn't enough, so I found 3 more classes to teach over the course of year.  Now I've got my normal "at home" talk time, as well as 4 college level course I am teaching (if you are interested in registering for any of these courses simple go to . . . who am I kidding, nobody wants that).  I guess I needed more talk time, so I took on several public speaking engagements a year, speaking on topics ranging from school safety to bullying.  To add to my talk time I recently was interviewed on a local talk radio show for a couple of hours.  Again, that wasn't enough, so I sought out our local newspaper (The Cleveland Daily Banner) and started a weekly column (this week is my 164th week - wow, that seems like a lot).  THAT wasn't enough so I started this blog (I started this primarily for my out of town fans, who can't read the Banner and want access to my weekly column - so I post my weekly column on here along with other thoughts).

Now you may have caught the fact that I used the term "fans", which is simply ridiculous and actually makes me laugh out loud (not the "lol" you see the kids texting, but a real belly busting, pee my pants, laugh out loud).  So, before some of my friends call or text making fun of my new found ego growth, I don't believe I have fans, but I do believe what I write, sometimes hits a chord (hear is an example of my spelling problems - "chord" or "cord", spell check doesn't help here!) with some of the people who read this column/blog.  Therefore, I will keep writing, teaching, public speaking, and blogging until you ask me to stop (or at least until MANY of you tell me the stop becuase I have emails begging to stop weekly, I just figure they are in the minority).  However, since writing has become my access point to the largest audience, boy do I wish I was a journalist, if only I didn't have that darn grammer problem.

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