Monday, April 19, 2010

Where have you been?

When I was a kid, the rule in our house was that you always got home before the street lights came on.  In my neighborhood, the street lights clicked on at dusk and took about 5-10 minutes to warm up, so you had a good opportunity to make it home (it seemed that the city and my mother collaborated on that plan).  Occassionally, I would not make it in time, it would be fully dark and I would be walking in the door.  My mother would yell, "Where have you been?"  The funny thing is that the answer did not matter.  I mean, really, what could I tell my mom that would get me out of trouble for coming home an hour after dark?  "Mom, there was some bandits that were attempting to rob a stagecoach and I rode my Schwinn Stingray to the rescue!"  Not likely going to get me out of trouble.  So, when I had a few people email me saying they read my column regularly, but noticed that I had not updated my blog lately, all I have to say is . . . there were some bandit that were attempting to rob a stagecoach . . . not working?  Well, I guess all I can say is sorry.  I'd love to say I had better things to do, but that would be silly as well, my life just isn't that important.  But I will say, I've had a GREAT few months spending time with my family.  Since this is a blog mainly about families, that should be a good enough - thanks for reading and get ready for several new blogs!

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