Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The flower girl and the ring "bear", Part II

My column last week highlighted a family wedding we had over the weekend and the frightening invitation for our children to participate in this special event. You may be wondering, why would I use the term “frightening” in relation to my children being asked to be a part of this special day? Well, my children are 4 and 2 years old . . . enough said? My son was serving as the ring bearer (or ring “bear” as he preferred it) and my daughter was the flower girl (as we travelled to the wedding, she had only been willing to try the dress on one time; all other efforts resulted in a crying fit . . . not a good sign).

The day of the wedding started well; in fact, my son loved the suit he would wear (which he kept referring to as his “costume”) during the wedding. However, on the drive to the church, my daughter started yawning. Now let me pause here to explain something that many of you parents already know. A yawn to a 2 year old should be considered in the same manner as a meteorologist views dark black clouds on the horizon, particularly on a day where a special event is planned. But, the wedding was too close and it was too late for a nap, so we pressed forward.

When the moment arrived, the wedding party was dressed and lined up (including both the kids) at the end of the aisle. I had positioned myself as the “receiver” toward the front of the church to collect the kids once they completed the walk. That is when I noticed my wife (who was a bridesmaid) walking down the aisle, carrying our daughter (the dark clouds were starting to thunder). While this was not the plan, it seemed like it still might work.

My son, despite being distracted for a moment by me taking pictures, was in perfect form. They both successfully completed their walks and just before the bride started her procession down the aisle and as I collected the children from the front of the church is when the dark clouds finally erupted with thunder, lightening, and torrential rain in the form of a 2 year old letting loose a blood curling scream. Now if you’ve never heard that type of scream in a church, it really has an incredible carrying capacity as the high ceilings and tile floors are very conducive to carrying sound. Too bad that is NOT what we were looking for.

I immediately ushered the children out a side door in an effort to avoid stealing attention from the beautiful bride. Once outside, I thought my daughter would calm down, however, she turned it up a notch, reaching an octave that I thought only dogs could hear, but that was alright, because our duties were finished and for the most part (minus one, age appropriate scream), were successfully completed.

At the end of the night, as I was putting the kids to bed, my son turned to me and said, “I was the best ring ‘bear’, wasn’t I daddy?” And with joy in my heart and a smile on my face, I confirmed that he was, both the kids were incredible. The night was a success for the entire family, bride and groom, as well as, flower girl and ring “bear”.

What’s the next formal family adventure you ask? Well, my other brother-in-law is getting married in June and the kids will be in the same familiar roles - ring “bear” and flower girl, so stay tuned (do I hear thunder on the horizon?)

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