Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Run for Hope

Yes, I am doing it again, I am running the Nashville 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, April 30th (that's 13.1 miles . . . slightly further than I drive to and from work everyday). So what is this about, have I lost my mind? Well . . . yes I have. But at least I am doing it for a good cause. This year I am running for the nonprofit, People for Care and Learning ( They have titled this event the Run for Hope. No, it isn't Matt Ryerson's Hope I can Run, it's the RUN FOR HOPE!

PCL has done a tremendous amount of work in SE Asia serving those in poverty with very little hope. They have supplied water filters for children who were drinking filthy river water and built homes for families living in the streets. This is an incredible organization with incredible leadership. It is definitely something I support and something you can get behind.

I say all that only to let you know I haven't totally lost my mind (only partially) and I hope that you can find a way to support me in this effort. To give, simple go to my fundraising website at and give. You can give a set amount or a per mile rate (remember, that is 13.1 miles . . . ouch!)

Keep visiting the blog and I'll keep you updated on my training (and pain).

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