Monday, April 11, 2011

Pushing forward

If you've been following my blog or my life in general (which, if that is true, please allow me to apologize), you probably know that I have been in training for the Nashville Half Marathon on Saturday, April 30th.  This is a day I look forward to with much anticipation, although, probably not for the reasons you might guess.  I am looking forward to it because that is the day that this "training" will be over. 

Now, don't worry, I will continue to work out, but I like to swim, bike, and do other forms of exercise.  In preparation for this run I have fully committed myself to running . . . which hurts.  Not like the injury type of pain many people complain of, no, this is just the "I don't like to run, so I like to complain" type of hurt.  I NEVER feel good after running.  I feel good that I've done it, like somebody will feel good once you've completed your taxes and paid the IRS your tax bill, but my body doesn't feel good.  I just feel good that it's over and not hanging over my head any more.

Nonetheless, you (my blog readers) are my accountability partner (or partners, IF, more than one person actually reads this), so with that, I give you my latest training results.  I ran the 65 Rose 5K on Saturday at Lee University in an inhuman time of 32:38.  When I say "inhuman", I am obviously being sarcastic, as the only "inhuman" part is that how can anyone go that slow.  Simply put, that time is pretty slow.  Nevermind that the guy with the prosthetic leg (an actual and TRUE athlete), the pregnant woman, and Dr. Paul Conn (in my defense, despite being slightly older than me, he is an amazing runner with an incredible record of distance running) all beat me.  So here is my excuse, when I push beyond the 6 mph rate, my back starts hurting, so I am trying to keep it down.  There, does that work for you?  The truth is, overall I felt good.  This morning, I ran 6.1 miles in about 1 hour and 5 minutes.  This is about the same pace as the 65 Roses, so I am on track.  My legs have been a little tight this morning, but I am hanging in there.  What does this all mean?  What is my prediction for Nashville?  In the words of the legendary Mr. T from Rocky III, "PAIN!"

But my most important goal is where I am failing.  My goal to rais $3000 for the People for Care and Learning through this event is moving slow and I am asking for you help (this will prevent me from writing a bad $3000 check to a nonprofit that would bounce and ultimately cause me much embarrassment, so please, PLEASE visit  and give anything you can afford.  Remember, this goes to an amazing organization that does amazing work worldwide (visit for more information).

Thanks for the great support, I have a terrific cheering section.


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